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Posted on 2/10/2010 by Landlord Administrator in Family Kids funny stuff i heard

I’ve been analyzing the comments that come from my 4 yr old and there seems to be a trend. They always have some element of logic, but you have to dig a bit to find it. Of course, some are pretty obvious … but others are more subtle. When she is doing something that is probably not good, and you ask her what she is doing, there are three responses.

1) “I’m doing xyz.” – observation: she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with moving the furniture to get bummy bear vitamins out of the cabinet. Even if she has to remove the childproof lock (not so childproof).

2) “Nothing.” – observation: she doesn’t want to tell you that she is eating a bag of chocolate chips extracted from the top cabinet. But, it doesn’t feel so bad so she can come up something as slick at “nothing.”

3) “I don’t know.” – observation: this is always the worst case scenarios. It is really bad, she knows it is really bad, and even can’t think to say “nothing”. If you get an “I don’t know” you better hurry up and see whether she has nail polish on her cheeks or is feeding the dog plastic toys.

Other comments worth remembering …

Oksana and I like to take a break from time to time and have a cup of tea with some dark chocolate. Oksana found Elana the other day eating that chocolate, and asked her “what are you doing?” The response was …

“I’m having a tea party, and you have to eat chocolate at a tea party.”

“Well, where is the tea?”

“I don’t like tea.”


Here is Elana, drinking from a cup she stole from the top shelf, above the kitchen desk, behind cabinets with one of those childproof locks.

Me – “Elana where did you get that cup?”

Elana – “I don’t know.”

Me – “It’s probably dirty.”

Elana – “No, I washed it.”

Me – “Don’t spill that water all over my floor!”

Elana – “Don’t be silly daddy.”

Of course, 15 minutes later the cup is abandoned and the floor of my office is soaked in water.