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Funny Stuff from Boys in the YMCA Locker Room

Posted on 3/26/2014 by Scott Whitsitt in funny stuff i heard

It's spring break for grade schools, and that means camp at the YMCA for 45 young boys. If you can get past the screaming in the locker room you can hear some pretty hilarious conversations with the 5-6 year old crowd. These are some of the best this week alone.

The best part of these conversations is that they were all so serious at the time.


Supervisor: "Into the shower boys!"

Boy: "Can I wear my shoes?"


Supervisor to another boy: "Are you seriously planning to wear those socks into the pool?"


This conversation was with is dad to his two boys, maybe 5 and 7 yr old.

Boy: "I need to pee."

Dad: "The toilet is over there"

30 seconds later, boy returns

Boy: "I can't find the bathroom"

Dad: "It's right there in the corner?"

10 seconds later, boy returns

Boy: "I still can't find it"

Dad to older boy: "Take your brother to the toilet"

They both return in like 60 seconds and start to dress. Dad sees the younger boy's underpants on the floor

Dad: "Are you wearing underpants?"

Boy: "No, I couldn't find them"

Dad: "They're on the floor. Take off you pants and on put on the underpants"


Yes, boys are much different than girls at this age.